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Doggy Summer Camp

Is your dog ready for an
Alaskan Adventure? 


June 7 - 9, 2024

10 am - 4 pm

Is our summer camp the best fit for or your pup? With the below group activities, some dogs may find these opportunities overwhelming, or unfit to their current abilities.

To prevent stress or injury, please read further to decide if our

Summer Camp is for you.

If you would like to schedule training sessions prior to June 7th (Summer Camp Date) , please reach out and we'd be happy to help prepare your pup for this event!


Dogs must be attended by owner.

Kids are welcome, with a parent or guardian.


June 7, 2024
Hike to Windfall Lake

The hike to Windfall Lake begins just after the Herbert River, and is a flat 3-mile trail with some stairs and incline at the end. Total of 6 miles by the time we return! We will cross a bridge over a running river, there will be unfenced boardwalks and wood bridges, and "ready to swim" swamps (though we assume you probably don't want your dog in there!).


Your dog should be reliable with basic recall, understand standard off-leash commands, and can properly walk in a group without aggressive or dominant behaviors.


June 8, 2024

Eat & Train at Eagle Beach

Let your dogs join us at a reserved picnic spot at Eagle Beach! Tongass Critter Care will provide sandwich foods, drinks, and accessories/toys for the pups!

We will do a group training session, throw frisbees, play in the water (weather permitting), and many more fun activities with your pups

Your dog should be reliable with basic recall, understand standard off-leash commands, and can properly interact in a group without overly aggressive or dominant behaviors. 


June 9, 2024

Dog Party at Sandy Beach!

Meet the pack at Sandy Beach (on Douglas) to complete the TCC Summer Camp, and celebrate with a party! With a TCC-Sponsored Barbeque, dog-safe arts and crafts, edible bubbles, swimming, and even a costume contest.

Your dog will be too excited to go home!

Finish the day with a dog parade, walking through the Treadwell mine trails (on leash, due to CBJ Leash laws) 

*You may stay as late (or as early) as you'd like. Stick around after-hours for a casual fire and social hour to get each other's numbers, schedule future walks, and more!

Doggy Summer Camp

Still Interested?

Registration Opens April 1 at 10am ​

There are only 10 slots available, with 3 additional "add on" dogs for extended families. Make sure to reserve a space while you can!

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