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To our lovely Juneau community, I’m here to offer a friendly greeting, pet sitting, and pet care needs.

My name is Elizabeth, but prefer to be called Liz. I was born and raised in this wholesome town of ours. I have a deep love for art, animals and extending a hand in times of need. I have worked in a different array of jobs through-out this community. My first job was working in the local pet store, Wee Fishie Shoppe. Working there instilled a passion for understanding the “what’s and why’s” of pet care. You learn something new every day through animals! The littles things matter, and the behavior they have is just another language. I know my German Shepard taught me so much in her 10 years, and I’m grateful to her everyday.

I have been a para-educator for the school district, where I learned the skill of patience. I gained an ability to create the necessary environments that cater to success for the student/students. After 5 years of being a para, I was prepared to extent into the community. I started working with children who experience autism 1:1, by helping them regulate and understand their emotions as well as basic skills. In turn, helping these children gain the tools to live their day-to-day lives with more independence. The saying “It takes a village” when raising a child is not lost on me, because it really does. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and it was very fulfilling to provide that to the families and children I worked with. Pets are very much like our children in some ways. We care for them and they care for us, immensely.

We all know that life can be overwhelming at times, and unexpected things can happen. We might need an escape, a vacation to chase the sun, or just a break. It’s important to know that someone is here to look after your pets with care, like they would their own. Through Tongass Critter Care, you can have that. I, alongside my associates, intend to provide that peace of mind for you when the time comes.

I provide services such as dog walking, along with pet sitting while you’re away.

Rates can vary, due to the type of critter.

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