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Rhyan and Kayleigh

Mom and Kid

Hello! My name is Rhyan. Born and Raised in Juneau, I have always had cats, dogs, and rodents as pets. Through the summers of middle school and high school, I helped care for the Horses at Echo Ranch Bible Camp. Then in high school I completed a 2-week internship with the NOAA facility , and was based at Little Port Walter in Southeast Alaska. Not to mention, during this time I was also traveling to a remote island to care for Homestead hunting dogs, that were living in Alaskan cabins. The list goes on and on, as I care for teacher's pets, help friends in town, and obtain experience through local 4H Clubs. Animals have always been (and always will be) a huge part of my life! 


Back in 2011 I slowly began the amazing journey of watching animals directly in their homes. During the pandemic, in 2020 I was servicing Juneau's pets full time. Joining me part time (as time allows) is my younger daughter, Kayleigh. Together we were able to establish Tongass Critter Care. Now as a full-time business, we watch pets in-house, board small animals, provide quality dog walking, assist our clients with behavioral health, and (for the little guys) we even offer husbandry advice, so they can live in an environment best suited for their personal needs. 


We’re committed to not only providing quality domestic animal services, but I strive to reach above and beyond in behavioral assistance, teaching animal enrichment to local pet owners, and helping wherever I can with the relationships of your pet.


I can also guarantee quality assistance as I am attending the Animal Behavior Institute to receive a certification in Advanced Animal Enrichment.

                                    I welcome you to look through the site, to see all we have to offer.

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